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The accessories you need for your saddle

We all love to ride, which is still a dream for those who have not yet had the chance to try. But when questioned people about equipment for horses, most do know that the saddle. Without even knowing its components and accessories, which are nevertheless essential. The saddle and its accessories We all know at least what it is a saddle, or less what it looks like, from near or far, which is a good start. But before getting to (saddles) [...]

Which saddle for which use ?

Which saddle for which use ?
In horse riding, the saddle is one of the most important accessories. It allows you to ride your horse in comfort and safety; without having to hurt or injure the animal. Stools of various types are found on the market; each of these riding accessories corresponding to a particular use. The different types of saddles Defining the type of saddle is not always easy. Indeed, in riding, the principle is that each discipline (fine used saddles) [...]
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