The accessories you need for your saddle

We all love to ride, which is still a dream for those who have not yet had the chance to try. But when questioned people about equipment for horses, most do know that the saddle. Without even knowing its components and accessories, which are nevertheless essential.

The saddle and its accessories

We all know at least what it is a saddle, or less what it looks like, from near or far, which is a good start. But before getting to ride on this saddle, knowing it to be used on a mobile support, so it is important to know its various accessories. Especially since these ensure the stability of the saddle, which prevents the rider to become unbalanced or be ejected. For this, there is the strap, the calipers, and stirrups, which are the main accessories of a saddle.

The strap

This is the one that holds the saddle, be it the fine used saddles or new saddle, balanced on the horse's back, and exists in different sizes, from 60 cm to 1.75 m. During its use, it should be properly adjusted to the chest of the horse, and allow ease of strapping. Its main action is to ensure that the seat is not running, and injures his rider.

The stirrups

The iron part of the saddle, the stirrups are nothing less than the accessories that serve poses feet when rides. Sometimes associated to rubber, there are three types of brackets, i.e. standard or offset, safety and Sprenger bracket. We all know already the standard, but the caliper security allows everyone to quickly identify his feet when dropped, while Sprenger relieves joints and ankle relaxed.

The stirrup leathers

Designates stirrups, the parts which support and connection between the strap and the stirrups. Therefore, they require regular maintenance.

It also differs from other types of accessories for horse saddles, as withers pad, the croupier, the collar hunting and tinkers. But it is not so essential, unlike those cited above.

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