Which saddle for which use ?

In horse riding, the saddle is one of the most important accessories. It allows you to ride your horse in comfort and safety; without having to hurt or injure the animal. Stools of various types are found on the market; each of these riding accessories corresponding to a particular use.

The different types of saddles

Defining the type of saddle is not always easy. Indeed, in riding, the principle is that each discipline corresponds to a given type of saddle. This is how stools can be found for all the equestrian disciplines that exist. Also, the shape and structure of the saddle may vary from one country to another or from one culture to another. Nevertheless, all saddles sold on the market are either leather or synthetic. Thus, the main models of stools found on the market are the following:

The versatile saddle

This type of saddle can be used for the practice of several equestrian sports. Thus, the rider can pass from jumping to hiking, for example, without having to change saddle. In addition, versatile saddles or mixed saddles are often reserved for beginners and amateurs. Professionals prefer tailored seating.

The obstacle saddle

As its name suggests, it is a saddle that is suitable for jumping. It is usually thicker than other saddles. This, in order to cushion shocks during different jumps.

The training saddle

They are designed for the training of horses and ponies. Thus, their quarters are longer and their seats hollow. They must fit perfectly the shape of the horse in order to allow the trainer to feel better the slightest movements of his horse.

Special saddles

These special saddles include Mexican saddles, Irish saddles, Western saddles, fine used saddlesor Amazon saddles. These types of saddles are endowed with special shapes which allow the good practice of the sport in question. The Amazon saddles, for example, can be equipped with two or three forks to keep the rider.

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