How to get the most out of a used saddle

Nowadays, the number of second-hand sold internet items has literally surged while the appearance of e-commerce sites for the sale of these items continues to rise. Now there are several sites offering used english saddles for sale. As an individual, how to find yourself among all the offers when you want to buy your first saddle?

Buy on Facebook groups

This is the easiest way to buy an article on the internet and therefore a saddle, which I particularly recommend. Be careful, however, the photos can easily be only slightly representative of the state of the material. Moreover, not passing by a third person, so it will be necessary to trust him while you send either the check, the transfer or the article. If the prices are attractive, it is also possible to negotiate through private messages.

Buy on "equestrian" sites

The advantage of these specialized classified ad sites lies first in the storage. Finding the saddle of your dreams becomes faster and easier with research based on brand, age, size or use. Unfortunately, it is sometimes easy and quick to be tricked by unscrupulous people who post pictures "arranged" or "forget" to specify that the tree is broken or that the saddle is no longer balanced for example. In case of error, again, a refund will be expected but not necessarily realized.

Buy on saddlery websites

CWD, Devoucoux, Butet, Voltaire ... Most of the renowned saddlers now have a part on their site, or outright another site specialized in the sale of used saddle. The prices are then made on their sales base to which are added the years as well as the general state of the saddle, a bit like a carriages, and allow to find all sizes and all saddles. This is saddles that were recovered by sales representatives when selling a new saddle.

So, whatever your mode of purchase, it is advisable to try the saddle on horseback. If you buy online, it is recommended to make sure of the quality of the saddle despite the fact that it is used.

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